Dial Marketing

The development of mobile services, and the fast growth of their usage, put the mobile phone at the center of marketing and communication strategies for agencies, advertisers, and service providers.

Dial Marketing is a mobile marketing offer that allow partners to reach new and existing audiences in an innovative way with a real impact on the target.

DIAL MARKETING can create an advertising campaign in different forms and by using different means.

Choose the channel: Dial Marketing offers various options of communication channels:

  • SMS / MMS: messaging has an important marketing impact, beside being a direct and personal channel, it is fast (real-time) and efficient (more than 90% of readers)
  • SMS +: you can easily create interactive SMS operations and services for your customers, (games, quizes, tombola, ...) and manage the results.
  • BLUETOOTH: we provide access points equiped with Bluetooth technology that are able to send all types of messages (text, images, videos, applications) to phones in a 100m radius.
  • Mobile Applications: You can place your banners on different applications and mobile sites by choosing your message and your target. Our reporting tools allow you to monitor in realtime the results of your campaign.
  • NFC: we provide NFC tools and materials that can make your products, posters or stands nteract with your customers directly via their mobile phone.

Target the customers: Dial marketing helps you choose the customers you want to reach:

  • Targeting By phone numbers.
  • Targeting by location (cities, regions, ...)
  • Targeting by income, age, sex

Manage the content: whether it is a text, video, or product sheets ... Dial Marketing helps you to design attractive marketing messages.

Analyse the results: for each campaign we provide realtime and final reports that contains useful statistics (delivery,view, click reports) , return rates from the campaign.